According to the passage, in San Francisco the traditional Chinese dialects spoken by Chinese immigrants to the U.S.

FS101 on June 5, 2021

Why A?

I chose C because of this sentence in the passage, "Moreover, the dialects of Chinese can differ markedly in their systems of sounds and, to some extent, in grammar and vocabulary, and these differences persist among Chinese-American speakers of these various dialects." Please explain why A is the answer.

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SawyerJeppson on August 1, 2021

Hi, I am not an instructor but I believe it is because of the sentence beginning in line 25 that says "However, the core of the language
. brought to the U.S. by Chinese people has remained
. intact. Thus, the new vocabulary has supplemented,
. but not supplanted, the traditional language in the
. traditional dialects. In fact, normal conversations can
(30) be conducted fairly readily between Chinese-speaking
. Chinese Americans and new arrivals from China,
. provided that they speak the same traditional Chinese
. dialect as each other"