Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the loaves that the bakery delivers?

on June 16, 2021


Can someone help with how to setup this game?


Victoria on June 19, 2021

Hi @Ajax0815,

Happy to help!

We learn that a bakery makes exactly one delivery, consisting of exactly six loaves of bread.

Each loaf is exactly one of three kinds: O, R, or W.

Each loaf is either S or U.

This game is a bit difficult to actually diagram. There are a couple different ways you could do it.

Method 1: by bread type

O: _ _ _
R: _ _ _
W: _ _ _

Method 2: by sliced or unsliced

S: _ _ _ _ _ _
U: _ _ _ _ _ _

Method 3: two rows - one for type and one for sliced or unsliced

_ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _

I'm going to use Method 1, but feel free to use whichever makes the most sense to you!

Let's go through our rules.

Rule 1 - There are at least two kinds of loaves.

This means that all six loaves cannot be the same type.

Rule 2 - There are no more than three R loaves.

Rule 3 - There is no U W loaf.

Rule 4 - There is at least one U O loaf.

Rule 5 - If two or more loaves are U, then at least one must be R.

Therefore, if there are two unsliced loaves, then the second one must be R.

O: U _ _
R: _ _ _
W: _ _ _ (must be S if any)

For this game, it would take more time than it's worth to create a number of diagrams outlining different possibilities. It makes the most sense to run through each question based on the very skeletal diagram we have above and the rules.

This question asks us to identify the answer choice which could represent the bakery's delivery.

Answer choice (A) cannot be true because Rule 1 tells us that there must be at least two kinds of loaves.

Answer choices (B), (C), and (E) cannot be true because Rule 5 tells us that, if there are two or more U loaves, then at least one of the U loaves must be R.

Answer choice (B) has five U loaves, but all of them are O.

Answer choice (C) also has five U loaves, all of which are O.

Answer choice (E) has four U loaves, but all of them are O.

Answer choice (D) is correct because it meets all of our rules.

O: U U U U
R: U U
W: _

1) There are two kinds of loaves: O and R.

2) There are two R loaves.

3) There are no W loaves, so this rule is irrelevant.

4) There is at least one U O loaf.

5) All of the loaves are U and two of the U loaves are R.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.