Safety expert: Conversing on a cell phone while driving is more dangerous than conversing with a passenger in the veh...

on July 3, 2021


Hi ,I got this question right, but I just want to double check the negation. In this question do I have to negate unless into even?

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on October 21, 2021

Can someone clarify^^ Significantly increase vs. does not significantly increase - could still mean it increased slightly so argument does not fall apart? that's why I didn't choose this answer.

Emil on September 27, 2022

I think that turning an unless into an even if is a pretty good way to negate it. As for the significantly part, I think we should focus on the e entire answer choice. If it were true that distracting a driver only slightly increases the risk of a crash, would it still have to be the case that cell phones are more dangerous than talking? I think we could make a case either way, but it hinges on your interpretation of significant. If you take it to mean noticeable or observable, then its negation would be "there is an effect, but it is insignificant." In this case, the argument does indeed fall apart.