Two paleontologists, Dr. Tyson and Dr. Rees, disagree over the interpretation of certain footprints that were left am...

FS101 on July 3, 2021

please explain

i chose e

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cglee on March 14, 2022

I chose B, then I thought about why I kicked A to the curb. I was thrown off by the words " various aspects" I thought there was only 1 aspect. Clearly, Dr T, and Dr R each had their own idea = multiple ideas aka "various aspects". I think my problem is I don't know when it's ok to make an assumption. I felt safer with B because of that...looking back to that answer how could Dr R make that assumption? The answer is they can't which is probably why I got that question wrong.

Emil-Kunkin on May 17, 2022

You make a good point Cglee! It isn't uncommon for the correct answer to be framed in very high level and unspecific language, but we do know that they disagree about which parts of the evidence is most important, If the prints look human or if the pattern matches how hominids walk, so we can say that they do disagree about which is more important.

Cameo on May 21, 2022

Can someone please diagram these arguments for me? Im having a hard time getting the premises and conclusion (any sub-conclusions) on this one. Thanks!

Emil-Kunkin on May 25, 2022

Hi Cameo,

T thinks hominid since heel and toe look human.
R disagrees with T because of the cross legged pattern.

This is actually not an argument, but rather a set of facts. While we have a disagreement about how two people are interpreting evidence, they are picking and choosing different parts of the evidence to support their conclusion. What is more, there is no real sufficient and necessary language or quantifiers, so this is not the best case to diagram.