If Sukanya receives two e–mail messages from Lula, what is the maximum possible number of e–mail messages Sukanya rec...

on July 9, 2021

I don't see why there must be an HJ block can be H_J

1st question Rule 3: Exactly once Sukanya receives a message from Jerome on the day after receiving one from Hilary. Why must this be interpreted as HJ, H can be the first call of a day and J the next I see two answers as possible B and D Answer B Day 1 :Jerome, Lula, Day 2: Hilary, Lula, Day 3 : Jerome S has received a message from J the day after Hillary Answer D Day 1: Jerome, Lula, Day 2: Hilary, Hilary Day 3: Jerome Again, S has received a message from J the day after Hillary Thanks, I know LSAT likes clever language, but I don't see the immediate HJ designation

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Emil on April 19 at 12:32AM

Hi, this must be interpreted as HJ because that's what the words on the page mean. If we say Monday is on the day after Sunday, that means they are next to each other, not that there's one day in between them.