How many of the commercials are there any one of which could be aired second?

mmanetti on July 12, 2021

Correct Answer

Why is the correct answer not 4? I know that T can't be second because of the 3rd rule. What other deduction am I missing?

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mmanetti on July 12, 2021

Is it because p can't be second?

davishailey6 on July 22, 2021

I thought it was four as well. P and t both do not work. P cannot be second because there would be no possible variable that works for the first spot. It cannot be g, since g must come after p, and it cannot be f or s since they must be consecutive, and it cannot be t because it comes after s.

The reason t cannot work is because that would mean s would have to come first, however f and s must be consecutive. Hope this helps!