The author would be most likely to agree with which one of the following generalizations about a jury's decision–maki...

DylanMorris on July 12, 2021

Hi, Could you please explain why C is incorrect as well?


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NAM1921 on March 16, 2023

I'm a student as well, but I ruled out C because it makes a sweeping generalization about all jurors when the author only talks about a mistake SOME jurors MAY make. A is the statement the author would be most likely to agree to because it gives us the most leeway ("evidence is presented to a jury MAY influence the jury").

Emil-Kunkin on March 18, 2023

Just chiming in to agree with the above reasoning! C is way to broad given what the author said

Emily16 on September 14 at 01:36PM

Hello, Can you please explain why Answer Choice: Juries usually overestimate the value of visual evidence such as photographs. is incorrect? Thank you

Emil-Kunkin on September 14 at 10:52PM

Hi, the issue with b is that we just don't have enough to support the idea that the author thinks that. While we know that some kinds of photos can induce inferential error, such as particularly gory ones, we dont know that the author thinks this is generally true of all visual evidence.