Journalism's purpose is to inform people about matters relevant to the choices they must make. Yet, clearly, people o...

Anthony-Wurst on July 13, 2021

Why not E?

As otheres mentioned, I am also intereted in a better explanation of why E is not the correct answer. It seems to more precisely address the premises. Answer choice A goies outside the boundaries of the information shared in the passage. The passage never deals with any 'nonjournalistic' reasons. Thus, it seems that E is the better answer choice as it conforms more closely to the strict boundaries of the passage. Can we get an explanation as to why A is superior to E?

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AneeshU on November 13, 2021

I also followed the reasoning above, as explained by Anthony. Any indications how we might exclude E? I see that the reasoning provided by Mehran in the other thread, i.e. "contain sensationalistic gossip about people whom they will never meet and whose business is of little relevance to their lives." can be used to justify both A and E. The excerpt uses 'never' and 'little relevance' which I read to indicate that E, being more specific, was a better choice than A. However, obviously my answer is incorrect, so can you please help me identify the gap in my understanding?