Analyst: Any new natural-gas-powered electrical generation station needs to be located close to a natural-gas pipelin...

Jasmin1 on July 14, 2021

C instead of D

Couldn't another possibility be that the residents would change their mind and not oppose the construction? That would make C incorrect since it would be another alternative and pipelines wouldn't need to be expanded

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Anonymouse on September 15, 2022

i have exactly the same question

Emil-Kunkin on November 28, 2022

Sure, and perhaps hydrogen will replace gas, and perhaps the sun will explode, and perhaps a new gas pipeline will suddenly appear. However, we aren't being asked to come up with hypotheticals. We are told they oppose it, and then we are asked to find out what must be true based on that fact. You can't suddenly decide to contradict a piece of evidence because you think it could change in the future.