People's antagonism to development in their neighborhoods can be harmful to a city. For example, nightclubs tend to b...

Collin on July 17, 2021

B vs E

Hello, I was curious as to why E was incorrect. Is it because it is worded too strongly? I am having a hard time distinguishing the language between B and E.

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Collin on July 17, 2021

Typo: C***vs E

Emil on September 27, 2022

We are trying to prove that opposition to development harms cities. C enables us to prove this, if opposition means no new nightclubs, and no new nightclubs is an unequivocal bad thing, than opposition is bad for cities. E does not enable us to say this. Producing some benefits is not the same thing as being a good thing, perhaps they have some benefits, but they also have much worse negative impacts as well.