With which one of the following statements about the local colorists would Chopin have been most likely to agree?

Jasmin1 on July 28, 2021

Why not D?

Can someone explain why D is wrong?

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on August 10, 2022

@Jasmin I am not an instructor, but I believe D is incorrect because in Lines 16-20 "The local colorists who published stories about regional life in the 1870s and 1880s were attracted to these new worlds opening up to women, and felt free to move within these worlds." So, we know that the Local Colorists were publishing stories about regional life while having this attraction to exploring new opportunities. So 'D' saying that this focus on regional life prevented them from exploring the new realms opening up to women wouldn't be true because it wasn't the focus on regional life that prevented them from exploring. I hope that makes sense?