In an experiment, subjects were shown a series of images on a computer screen, appearing usually at the top but occas...

SawyerJeppson on July 31, 2021

Question on answer choice D

Hi, so I am having a hard time working through answer choice D. I understand what others have said about it being correct but one scenario keeps me from understanding it fully. What if the subjects had chosen the bottom every time instead of the top, believing that the "pattern" made it likely the bottom was correct every time. Then they would have chosen every bottom image correctly and still been less than 50% accurate because the images appeared mostly at the top? Or is my scenario of them choosing the bottom every time incompatible with the stimulus in the first place?

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SawyerJeppson on July 31, 2021

wait never mind, I misunderstood the answer choice. Even if the subjects got all the bottom image guesses right by guessing the bottom every time, they wouldve gotten all the top images wrong. Meaning they did guess the bottom image sometimes and were incorrect