The temperature in Taychester is always at least 10 degrees lower than the temperature in Charlesville. However, the ...

GabbyS on August 4, 2021

Why is A Wrong

I understand how B is the correct answer but how do you know that A is incorrect / explains the paradox

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tayloryork on January 30, 2022

I have the same Question ^

Jay-Etter on January 31, 2022

Hi @GabbyS and @tayloryork,

For this question we're looking for the option that does not explain the paradox - which is that Taychester is colder but residents spend less on heating.

A helps to explain this paradox because if the heat loss is less in Taychester than in Charlesville, then even though the temperature is warmer in Charlesville the houses might lose much more heat due to wind and therefore need to spend more on heating. Hope this helps, feel free to follow up if you still have questions!