If the Yandells owned the mill, which one of the following must be true?

on August 21, 2021

Why does G have to be owned by the Williams?

Can't G be owned by the Trents in a 1-1-3 scenario?

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Naiem on August 16, 2022

^I am also having a similar issue. Why couldn't this hypothetical work?

T: S G
W: I F
Y: M

Emil on August 31, 2022

We know the Trent's must own S because of the final rule. Since the Ys cannot own the inn. Rule two tells us that I and F cannot be together

Juliana on June 3 at 02:24PM

I believe what the 3-1-1 scenario was referencing was ....
T: S G I
W: F
Y: I

I also struggled with this but I believe it is because W>Y so they both cannot have just one!

Juliana on June 3 at 02:25PM

Y: M*


Emil on June 4 at 10:43PM

Yep! That would be why the original question can't happen.