Acme Corporation offers unskilled workers excellent opportunities for advancement. As evidence, consider the fact tha...

Grant on September 6, 2021

LR question 3

Can someone explain to me why D is incorrect?

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Emil on June 11 at 11:42PM

Hi, I think that D would if anything strengthen the argument. D tells us that she worked at the company for a long time, which might support the idea that loyal, unskilled workers can rise in the company through many years of service.

Ashley on October 24 at 02:57PM

But if it takes 20 years how does that not potentially weaken as well? isn't 20 years a long time?

Emil on October 24 at 10:19PM

I don't see how that would weaken. 20 years is an exceptionally short time to rise from the assembly line to become CEO- I think there are very few CEOs with less than 20 years of experience excluding tech founders