In a study of tropical forests it was found that while the species of trees that is most common in a particular fores...

on September 14, 2021

Paradox question

What is a quicker way to answer these questions? I understand that this is a paradox question and I needs to resolved it or explain it but what specific details should I be pay attention to?

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Emil on November 14 at 03:30PM

For paradox questions, we just need to identify the thing that seems to be in tension, the paradox. The tension we need to resolve here is that trees of rarer species tend to live longer than those of common species. This seems weird, so we need to find a reason why that is.

I don't think there are specific details we should pay attention to beyond a normal close read of the passage, rather I think we should just focus on understanding that there is something that seems counterintuitive, and then think about ways to resolve it.