The author's primary purpose in the passage is to on December 1, 2021

A over C

I didnt think the author thought that one process (family mediation or court proceeding) was preferable to the other. My impression that each was appropriate in certain circumstances. That is why I chose A where C states that one is preferable

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Emil-Kunkin on January 25, 2022

Hi Medas, I think the author does tell us that one process is better for family cases than the other. If we look at line 45, we are told that "But in the final analysis, family mediation is better suited to the unique needs of family law than is the traditional court system." This is pretty important author voice, as we are getting exactly which system the author thinks is better.

C conforms to our idea of the authors view, they are choosing one method over the other after considering both options.

A falls short on two accounts. The purpose of the passage is to support a claim about mediation being better, not to document. We also have little in the passage about the evolution of family law, only the present state.

Be careful when you read to pick up on author voice, missing that one sentence at the beginning of the third paragraph can be costly.