Inez: The book we are reading, The Nature of Matter, is mistitled. A title should summarize the content of the whol...

on December 14, 2021

B and C say the same thing

i see no difference in the two answers

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Emil on January 17, 2022

Hi Medas, B tells us that one person thinks there is no difference between two things, C tells us that two people disagree about the existence of a relationship between those two things. To state that there is no difference between two things is not necessarily the same as tromsay they are two facets of the same phenomenon.

By analogy, snow and rain are facets of the same phenomenon (precipitation). Saying that snow and rain are related would be one claim (akin to C) but to say that there apis no difference between snow and rain would be very different, and akin to B.

Also, B only discusses Antonio's view, while C discusses both of the views.