City leader: If our city adopts the new tourism plan, the amount of money that tourists spend here annually will incr...

Alex on January 3, 2022

Why not answer B?

Hello, I chose B because the passage states it is a reasonable decision to invest in convincing the manufacturers whereas it does not guarantee the tourism investment would have more benefits overall. (what if the plant has other unstated benefits that make it more reasonable) The only factors taken into account are employment and cost. Am I reading too much into it? Or is it that "most supported" means answer cannot be explicitly stated in the passage as well? Thank you.

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Jay on January 14, 2022

Hi Alex, the reason B is not a good option is because it says In general. It's true the stimulus is telling us that in this specific case it would be reasonable to try to convince the manufacturing company to build a plant here, but we don't know that this would be true in general. Maybe the city would only want one manufacturing company, and multiple would be too many for the city's infrastructure, for example.