Expert witness: Ten times, and in controlled circumstances, a single drop of the defendant's blood was allowed to ...

Julia on January 12, 2022

C over D?

I understand why C would be the correct answer. D also seemed like a good answer choice, and I am wondering why it is less effective at weakening the argument than C?

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Julia on January 12, 2022

.. I re-read the conclusion.. "a drop of the DEFENDANT's blood" would negate D since that other person wouldn't be the defendant.. (I can't figure out a way to delete a message board post)..

Emil on January 27, 2022

Hi @jyl,

Good catch on the second read through. While I don't believe it is possible to delete, this is a good time to point out how important every word of an answer choice is. When you're stuck between two possible answers it's a good idea to make sure the words on the page actually match your understanding.