If Morse works on only one day, which one of the following must be true?

king on January 20, 2022


What is the layout please of game and inferences that should be made

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Jordan-Schlinger on January 20, 2022

Hey @king!

So there are a few ways to do this game, my favourite layout is an H Chart which is just two vertices lines with a single horizontal line near the top. Each column should be labelled for a day- Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Then 3 slots should be put in each day, N automatically put in Friday, and finally a p with a slash through it under Saturday.

There actually aren't too many deductions or inferences to make, the most important and only one having to do with number theory. Simply put each person can work a max of 2 days, as they can't work every day, however there are nine slots. Thus there are 10 possible worker days and 9 work days, so four people will work 2 days and one person will work 1 day. Once you figure this out it becomes far simpler!

I hope that helped if you have further questions don't hesitate to ask!