Based on the passage, it can be inferred that the author would be likely to agree with each of the following statemen...

Kyland on January 31, 2022

Need an explanation please.

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Jay-Etter on February 1, 2022

Hi @kyland,
For these, we disprove wrong answers by pointing to a specific part of the passage.
A) wrong, because Temple's critics are discussed in the fourth paragraph and they don't mention why they have durable pit walls.
B) L58-62 say that this decline "could be due to other factors", meaning B is supported.
C) Correct! L54-57 say that only a minority of unabraded seeds germinate, so it's not surprising that the tree isn't abundant.
D) L57-58 say that the number of seeds which germinate explains why the tree isn't going extinct.
E) L54-57 say that a minority of seeds may germinate unabraded.

Hope this helps, feel free to let us know if you have further questions.