The author refers to "the system of many short-range species such as honeybees" (lines 9–11) most probably in order to on February 1, 2022

Could someone please explain this?


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Abigail on February 1, 2022


Yes. This a line specific purpose question, so you should refer back to the text, read a few lines above and below, and then try to formulate the answer in your head before reading the answer choices.

The passage centers around an explanation for this extraordinary phenomenon of pigeon homing. The indicated lines are found after the author announces that there are two possible feasible explanations: “there are two basic explanations for the remarkable ability of pigeons to “home”.” More specifically, the lines are found after the first possible explanation: “the birds might keep track of their outward displacement.” It is also important to note that the indicated lines are within parenthesis which interrupt the phrase to give a detail or a clarification.

So why is the author interrupting the text to note that the first possibility is also found in other species such as honeybees? Well, in order to lend credibility to this first possibility (to show that it happens in other species show that it is worthy of consideration). Answer choice B “suggest that a particular explanation of pigeons’ homing ability is worthy of consideration” matches this idea.

I hope this clarifies things. Feel free to follow up if you still have questions.