It can be inferred from the passage that the author most clearly holds which one of the following views?

jing jing on February 3, 2022

Could someone please explain this?


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Ross on February 7, 2022

Responding to the critics who didn’t like that Ellison blended themes “specifically tied to the history and plight of African Americans” with themes that we “also explored by European writers” (lines 3-8), the author says that Ellison can be better understood if you consider Ellison’s love for Jazz. The author claims that, “Jazz has never closed itself off from other musical forms, and some jazz musicians have been able to take the European–influenced songs of U.S. theater and transform them into musical pieces that are unique and personal but also expressive of African American culture” (lines 32-37). Words like “unique,” “personal,” and “expressive” suggest that the author is a big fan of the way jazz can blend African American and European influences. Therefore, (A) is correct.