The author most likely refers to Western Apache place names (line 46) in order to on February 3, 2022

Could someone please explain this?


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Ross-Rinehart on February 7, 2022

This is an Argument Structure/Role of Detail question. So we want to ask ourselves: (1) what is the reference saying, and (2) why did the author include it? The reference to Western Apache names comes in the paragraph in which the author attempts to demonstrate the hidden complexity of Hopi names. At the end, the author says that Hopi names are similar to Western Apache place names, which one commentator compared to “tiny imagist poems.” If Hopi names are similar to Western Apache place names, Hopi names must also be “tiny imagist poems.” So, the author referenced the commentators’ characterization of Western Apache as “tiny imagist poems” names to show that Hopi names are also like “tiny imagist poems” and thus complex. The answer choice that is closest to this is (B), which says the author applies the commentator’s characterization of Western Apache place names as “tiny imagist” poems to Hopi personal names.