Which one of the following could be true?

Seven on February 18, 2022


Hello, How do we know that W confessed if the rule says after W no one confessed? Thank you in advance!

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Seven on February 18, 2022

Sorry, the rule says "No suspects confessed after W was questioned." How do we know W confessed?

Emil-Kunkin on March 6, 2022

Hi Seven,

We are told that nobody confessed after W was questioned, and that two people confessed after T (who is third) was questioned. Since we are also told that 4 did not confess, we know that two out of 5-7 must have confessed. Since Anyone after W must have not confessed, and S is after W, we know that the order of the last three spots must be

?/Confessed, W/Confessed, S/Not.

This is the only way that W can come before S, be the last one that could have confessed, and fit two yeses into the 5-7 spots.