The passage suggests that the author would be most likely to agree with which one of the following claims about the A...

Abigail-Okereke on February 23, 2022


Hi! What social roles does the passage refer to that would make C correct? I chose answer choice E.

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Emil-Kunkin on March 23, 2022

Hi Abigail, I think the support for this comes around lines 18-23. The author suggests that the art was created by a distinct group of artists who spent their time making art, while being supported by other member ps of the community, who, we can assume, we're not specialized artists.

This points to the existence of at least one distinct social group, the artists. Since the author tells us they did things separately from the rest of their group and even passed on their skills, we can conclude that these artists would have fulfilled a distinct social role in their group.

on September 19 at 02:57PM

Why is D a wrong answer?

Emil-Kunkin on September 20 at 04:04PM

I see why d looks attractive: the author gives us reason to think that the Humans who made the cave paintings lived in an environment that was not entirely unforgiving, since they had the surplus needed to enable a class of artists. However, this doesn't mean that their environment was better than that of the Neanderthals. While the humans did replace the Neanderthals, this could be for a number of reasons. We know nothing about the environment in which Neanderthals lived.