How many of the commercials are there any one of which could be aired last?

Abigail-Okereke on February 24, 2022


It took me 11 mins to complete this game. Are there any tips on how I can move faster. My exam date is approaching.

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Emil-Kunkin on March 3, 2022

Hi Abigail,

In terms of timing on games, I think that the overall best way to improve is to drill a lot of games. You can use older (e.g. preptests 20-50ish) games sections and do them timed or untimed to get really familiar with the many types or setups, rules, and questions- and in doing so you will get incrementally faster.

You can also vary your approach and timing in your initial setup and diagram. If you are not spending long on your setup, you might try to spend a few extra seconds looking for deductions. You could also consider starting or stopping using scenarios in your initial setups.

The office hours are also a great resource for game timing!