Prominent business executives often play active roles in United States presidential campaigns as fund–raisers or back... on March 6, 2022

i picked A

fund raisers and back room strategists are businessmen. "A" says that they are politicians which suggests that businessmen can be politicians which i think weakens the answer. something that discusses military leaders i dont think addresses the argument which deals with businessmen.

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Emil-Kunkin on March 9, 2022

Hi Medas,

A does not tell us that ALL fundraisers and strategists are politicians, it only tells us that many are. Likewise, the passage only tells us that businessmen are often active as fundraisers or strategists.

Our two quantifiers are fairly soft here (many and often). We have no idea what percent of
fundraisers are politicians, and no idea what percent of them are business people- only that there are a lot of politicians and some business people who serve as fundraisers. It is entirely possible that there is no overlap between the two groups.

By telling us that military leaders share the same issue with business people, B weakens the argument by undermining the idea that business people don't run for that reason- since we know military officers often run.