Archaeologist: Our university museum possesses several ancient artifacts whose ownership is in dispute. Although the ...

akhan0102 on March 10, 2022


here i got caught up in the words "given that" as indicating a premise but the end of the sentence had "should". So the conclusion can also be part of a sentence that has a premise?

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Emil-Kunkin on March 11, 2022

Hi Akhan,

While you're right that the "Given that" likely indicates a premise- it is ok for a sentence to contain two separate clauses, and for one of the clauses to support the other. In fact, we could even have an argument that is just one sentence. For example, "Since it is raining and I don't want to get wet, I should carry an umbrella.

The sentence itself matters less than the ideas or clauses contained in it. We could have a ridiculously long run on sentence expressing several ideas. The unit of analysis that matters is each clause or idea expressed regardless of sentences.