If the percussionist performs a solo at some time before the saxophonist does, then which one of the following must b...

on March 12, 2022

2nd scenario in game setup

Should not T or V be a potential candidate for the first slot in the second scenario instead of T or S? It is given that S has to be in between T and P.

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Emil on March 13, 2022

Hi @Jtbernat,

I think that you're right- T and V are the only things that could go first here- as S and T must now follow P according to the final rule and the scenario, and K/G must follow P according to the other rules.

For this question, we can actually get to the right answer without running additional scenarios. We know that our final rule gives us two possible orders for P, S, and T, those being:

P-S-T and

We know from the setup that we are in the first scenario, so we know that P must come before T.