Any one of the following could be true about the organizer's selections of works EXCEPT:

May on March 20, 2022

Can you please explain answer?

Hello, I was going over this last question and was wondering why b is wrong. Is it not possible to have three french novels, one french play, and one russian play? Thanks!

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May on March 20, 2022

Sorry, I meant to ask why A is correct not why B is wrong...

Emil on March 20, 2022

Hi Mayatassi,

B could happen since we could have one russian novel, two french plays, and one or two french novels.

A cannot happen- We are told we have no russian novels and only one play. This means the maximum number of selected works is 4- three french novels and one play. However, the setup tells us we have either 5 or 6 works selected, but in A we could only have at most 4 selected. Therefore, A cannot be the selection.