Which of the following, if substituted for the constraint that if Knutson is not assigned to the Thorne University ce...

Bradley-Saunders on April 3, 2022

Diagramming Answer C to Question 23

Hi! I'm a little confused on how you wrote out the conditional rule for answer choice C for this question. Is there a video explaining how to write out these types of conditional rules, or if not, could you please explain?

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Emil-Kunkin on April 15, 2022

Hi Bradley,

The video for sufficient and necessary would be helpful for unless conditions, which introduce a necessary condition. In this case, it is necessary for K to be assigned to T for F and M to both be assigned to T.

We could also diagram this as
If K not T -> F and M are T
and the contrapositive as
If not both of F and M are T -> K is T

I would also recommend looking at various office hours for the games. Seeing how different people approach diagraming different rules and questions can be helpful.