Which one of the following, if substituted for the condition that Lewis and Ota do not lecture on the same day as eac...

Olivia on April 11, 2022

Why isn’t it J X M

J X M results with T- JLK F-MNO

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Emil on April 16, 2022

Hi Olivia,

For a rule replacement question like this, we need to find a new rule that has the exact same impact- that is, it does not eliminate any possibilities the original rule allowed, and it does not allow any possibilities that were previously prohibited.

(D), that J and M cannot be together, would allow for the following possability.

T: L O K
F: J M N

Since this is not allowed by the original rules, D would not have the same impact as the initial rule.

(A) would, as the initial rule sets up two blocks: L/O M N and L/O K J. A preserves these two blocks.