Which one of the following is an allowable structure for an issue of the newsletter?

on April 29, 2022

First thoughts on this game.... Sheeeesh.

Don't get this game at all.

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Emil on May 5, 2022

Hi Tyler808,

Sheesh is pretty much spot on. Lets try to walk through the initial setup of the game.

We have five slots, and five types of things that can go in them (F, I, M, T, G), and any of the features can be either one slot or multiple slots back to back. We are not told that each of the five must always be included, so there look to be quite a lot of possibilities.

Rule 2 tells us that if F or T are included, then the first slot must be F or T. We could translate this to mean that
If 1 /= F or T -> Not F and Not T
We area also told that at most we can have one I.

Since I dont see any immediate deductions we could make here, I would probably jump right into the questions.