It is probably within the reach of human technology to make the climate of Mars inhabitable. It might be several cent...

Alex-Hoston on May 3, 2022

Can this problem be explained

I'm having trouble finding the conclusion to this question. I thought the MP of the question was to compare the time it would take to live on Mars to build civilizations over time.

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Emil-Kunkin on May 6, 2022

Hi Alex,

For main point questions we should try to find what the argument is trying to prove- locate that statement, and then find a paraphrase of that conclusion in the answer choices.

We could summarize the argument as

We could eventually live on mars
It would be hard, but other worthwhile things are hard
Research is justified is we could eventually live on mars
Also, the research needed might improve the earth as well.

This is tough, since the conclusion is not exactly explicitly stated. We are told that we could live on mars, and that if it is possible the research is justified. We can conclude that this research is therefore justified- and this is supported by the additional benefits that research brings. When you are not immediately able to find the conclusion in the stimulus, be aware that sometimes it will be an unstated but clearly present idea- like in this case the fact the research is justified.

Alex-Hoston on May 24, 2022

Ok well thank you I'll practice more