Which one of the following could be the assignment of applications to officers?

Mazen on May 5, 2022

Setup Explanation is Flawed

The distribution 4-1-1-1 should be eliminated once Rule 2 is introduced. Rule 2: "Farrell's application must be evaluated by the same officer who evaluates Lopez's application." I interpreted this rule to mean F and L go to the same evaluating officer, which leaves two distributions: 3-2-1-1, or 2-2-2-1. That also impacts the distributions for the last rule, rule 5: "Smith must evaluate more of the applications than Tipton does." S more than T, but S cannot evaluate 4 applications. The most number of applications S can evaluate are 3, and the least number is 2, because T cannot have less than one application per the text of the game. Am I missing something or misreading the rules, or am I safe interpreting the game rules to exclude the distribution 4-1-1-1? Please let me know if I am wrong? Thank You LSATMAX

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Mazen on May 5, 2022

My explanation of the setup is flawed. I figured it out: 4-1-1-1 is an applicable distribution, because we could have FLHM evaluated by S, leaving one application per one officer without violating any of the rules!
Sorry about that; please disregard.
Thank you

Emil-Kunkin on May 6, 2022

Hi Mazen,

Good catch! I've noticed that the videos often move fairly quickly, I'm not sure of your approach but a lot of people like to work on their setup while the video is paused to think through the possibilities at their own pace.