Any writer whose purpose is personal expression sometimes uses words ambiguously. Every poet's purpose is personal ex...

Marissa on May 11, 2022

explain diagram

can someone show me how to diagram this question? I haven't been able to figure out how to get to the right answer.

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Emil on May 16, 2022


We could diagram as follows:

If Poet -> PPE
Thus: No PRE Depends on Precise Understanding.

If this feels like a leap, that is because it is. First, we can't exactly say that readers having a precise understanding is the opposite of SWA, maybe an author used a word ambiguous but I, the reaser, mistakenly have a precise understanding. Additionally, the idea of enjoyment comes out of left field. To make this argument valid, we need an answer choice that connects SWA with both enjoyment and precise understanding.

(C) does exactly this, it tells us that if SWA, then no PRE depends on Precise Understanding