One should apologize only to a person one has wronged, and only for having wronged that person. To apologize sincerel...

on May 16, 2022

The conditional logic is fricken crazy

How is possible to diagram this within a certain time, negate the whole thing and find the answer choice? These must be true questions takes easily 3 minutes at the very least. Do I need more practice? Schedule a tutor? what is the key to literally doing must be true questions fast and efficient? Must be trues is one of the question types I really really struggle with.

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Emil on May 18, 2022

Hi Tyler808,

While "practice" is probably the best answer, there's no amount of practice that will enable you to fully diagram every question and answer choice. That is why you should experiment with diagraming only what and when you need to. For example, for this question, I probably would diagram as

If A -> To and for wronged
If AS - acknowledge
If AS - Intend not repeat
If accept - acknowledge and no grudge

This is a particularly tough one to diagram as it is pretty much all conditional, and it adds in the additional criterion of being sincere to the idea of apologies, and introduces the idea of accepting, not just offering an apology.

That said, you will likely be able to save time on the answer choices. For a question like this, I would usually not negate every answer choice, and save that test only for when I'm stuck between two or three.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is to practice must be true questions, but just practicing more questions without refining your approach might not be the best use of time. While tutoring is a great option (and full disclosure, I am one of the tutors), I would also recommend the office hours for must be true. For a narrow issue you're working on, there are quite a lot of office hours (and you can filter by the question type/topic) about must be true questions. You can also filter by the difficulty of the questions discussed. The big benefit (in my view) of the office hours is that they allow you to see several different peoples' approach to the same question type, and pick and choose the tactics you like best.

on May 19, 2022

Thank you Emil! This problem was pretty difficult to condition out!