Cognitive psychologist: The majority of skilled artists are very creative people, and all people who are very crea...

Brianna on May 16, 2022

Diagram breakdown

Can someone show me how to properly diagram this and how we got E as the answer? I was sure it was A because that's what I got after diagramming

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Emil-Kunkin on May 18, 2022

Hi Brianna,

I would diagram as

SA -most- Creative
If creative -> AR
SA -not all- Famous
Thus: AR -some-famous

We are looking to fix the flaw.

The flaw here is that we are not able to prove that any people who are good at abstract reasoning are famous. We know that not all skilled artists are famous, but this doesnt tell us anything about how many (if any at all) are famous. Perhaps only one is famous, and this one is not one of the majority who are very creative. We need an answer that tells us that most skilled artists are famous, since that would prove that at least one AR is famous.

This is because if we are told that most X are Y and most X are Z, at least one Y is Z.