Doctor: It would benefit public health if junk food were taxed. Not only in this country but in many other countries ...

on May 16, 2022

I choose E as the correct answer, but what is wrong with A?

What is the difference between A and E? Is A wrong because its saying it will guarantee benefit the pubic which we don't know 100%?

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Emil on May 18, 2022

Hi Tyler808,

The difference between A and E is that A is descriptive, while E is prescriptive.

A simply states a fact (or perhaps an opinion), that X has Y effect.
E tells us what we should do, that is, If X does Y, we should do X.

Since the doctor is saying that we should tax it, the main point is prescriptive, not simply descriptive like A.

on May 19, 2022

That's what I figured. Because A was factual, thus we don't know 100%. Thank you Emil!

Elizabeth on February 18 at 11:08PM

I am very confused with this description. I choose A and it is correct, but this description here in the message board is saying that A is wrong and E is correct. Please clarify. In my section, A is saying "Taxing junk food would benefit public health."

Emil on February 20 at 10:33PM

Looks like I flipped e and a!