Critic: The more a novel appeals to the general public, the more money its author will make from it. However, since a...

on May 24, 2022


Can somebody diagram this question and answer for me?

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Naryan on May 26, 2022

Hey @RachP,

Sentence 1:

If a novel increases its appeal, then it increases its sales.


Sentence 2:

If you are a serious novelist, then you care about Lit Style.


Sentence 3 (Conclusion):

If you are serious novelist, then you are not motivated by sales.


Now all we need to do is our basic missing premise drills. We need to start with SN, finish with notS. Well, we can fill out the beginning of this chain with:

SN--->LS notS.

Literally all that's left is to draw an arrow between the two disconnected terms. Notice we didn't even need to use sentence 1—don't be suckered into thinking you need to use every piece of the puzzle.


The missing term is that second piece. If concerned with Literary Style, then not concerned with Sales.

Let's go find this.

(A): If SN--->notGP? Totally not what we want.

(B): If LS--->notS. Exactly. Click and move on, no need to even waste time reading the rest.

Hope this helps!