If Malloy and Nassar earn the same salary, at least how many of the partners must have lower salaries than Lopez?

MaddieS on May 24, 2022

Sequencing game question 2

Hi, I can see to start I missed the question to start because I was counting from M and not L. However, I am still a little unclear as to why the 5 after are M, N, G, J, and H and why F is not included in that? Is it just because we don't know for sure how F is related to L? Thank you!

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Emil-Kunkin on June 1, 2022

Hi MaddieS,

We know that K is before two chains, which we could diagram as


If M and N earn the same salary, that means that F must make more than N, since F makes more than M. However, we do not know if the order of the three between K and M/N are. You're exactly right that its because we do not know the relationship between F and L- L could go before both I and F, in between them, or after both.