Editor: When asked to name a poet contemporaneous with Shakespeare, 60 percent of high school students picked a twent...

on May 28, 2022

Reasoning for C

I got this question right, but almost picked C. The reasoning given for why C is wrong is that, "she doesn't conclude that these results are difficult to interpret". However, it is directly stated following the identified sentence that these results are "admittedly difficult to interpret" How does this make sense?

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Emil on June 1, 2022

Hi RachP,

While she does concede the results are not clear, the goal of the argument is not to prove that the results are hard to interpret, but rather she concludes that regardless of how you interpret the results they show that the education system is flawed. While she does note the difficulty she does not do so in order to conclude that it is hard to interpret them, but rather in order to eventually reach a conclusion about the education system.

Additionally, the statement in question does nothing to show that the results are hard to interpret- it shows that students know very little about poetry.