According to the passage, the prevailing view of the host–parasite relationship is that, in general,

Sallyanne-Tejan on June 7, 2022

Confused on why D is correct

I have re read the passage many times, and I am extremely confused why this answer choice would be correct. It appears to me that the parasite harms its host in many ways, even death sometimes. Please can you explain this and/or point to the lines in the passage where we could interpret this answer?

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Emil-Kunkin on June 8, 2022

Hi Sallyanne,

I would look around like 5 of the passage- we are told that the prevailing view of host-parasite relations is that the host and parasite eventually develop a benign coexistence. The rest of the passage, which includes evidence about hosts being harmed and killed, runs counter to the prevailing view.