Many uses have been claimed for hypnosis, from combating drug addiction to overcoming common phobias. A recent experi...

Moses-Menchaca on June 9, 2022

A: Not the better answer, but a possible answer?

After reading the justification for D, I see why it is the right answer (more right than A); however, I do not understand how A is an incorrect answer. The fact that the participants started rambling about a movie they never saw with as much confidence as the song leads me to believe that it does not necessarily increase memory; therefore, many of the claims (improve recall memory) are overstated. Am I completely off?

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Emil-Kunkin on June 10, 2022

Hi Moses,

I think that the term many implies more than one. The passage certainly disputes one claim about hypnosis (that it improves recall), but I don't think that the passage proves that any other claim about hypnosis is overstated.

You're right that we have proves that some (at least one) of the claims are overstated. However, we cannot say that many are.