Which one of the following statements could be true?

pbt5097 on June 12, 2022

The Last Practice set in this section is impossible to do without the picture

Are we supposed to draw the diagram ourselves? I feel like a picture should be provided but it didn't come up on my screen. I was doing great on this section up until this point.

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Emil-Kunkin on June 13, 2022

Hi PBT5097,

Are you not seeing a picture with 6 dots in two rows labeled J, K, L M, N, O? If not, then this game would be quite the doozy. What device are you looking on? If you are using a laptop, Chrome is the best browser to use, as sometimes questions render improperly on safari. Otherwise, if you refresh and still can't see the picture, I think you can contact the support team, or you can reply and we can message the devs about it. For reference, I am seeing the picture when I use my iPad/phone.