Which one of the following statements must be true?

Tyler808 on June 30, 2022

There needs to be "game setup" videos on these kinds of games

These kinds of games tends to be the hardest. The guy explaining it in "real time" is extremely confusing to keep up with and barely rights any of the rules.

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Tyler808 on July 1, 2022

BTW, what does that first rule even mean?

Emil-Kunkin on July 2, 2022

Hi Tyler808,

I'll take an attempt at this setup. I completely agree that games where the base/variables are unclear are a challenge.

From the setup, we have three people (L, M, N), who buy at least one of four kinds of foods (F, H, P, S). I am not immediately sure if I want to set this up with the three people being the base (that is, they don't move), or with the foods being the base. I'll read through the rules to make a determination.

Our first rule tells us that each person buys at most one of each of the foods- that is, no more than four foods (one of each kind) per person. So, we know that M cannot order 2 H and one P. This suggests that we may want to set up the game with the people as static, and the foods moving around- since we know that each of the three people can eat at most four foods. I'm imagining this game would look as follows, where not all four slots need to be filled.

L: _ _ _ _
M: _ _ _ _
N: _ _ _ _

Our next rule tells us that a person cannot buy both H and S, so we know that the max number of foods per person is now three, since HS is not a valid combo.

L: _ _ _
M: _ _ _
N: _ _ _

Our next rule tells us that there is at least one H and at least one P. The two rules after us tells us who buys what

L: _ _ _
M: S _ _ (Not H)
N: F _ _

We then learn about who does not buy what

L: _ _ _ (Not P)
M: S _ _ (Not H)
N: F _ _ (Not P)

Since we know that at least one person buys a P, and neither L nor N can, M must.

L: _ _ _ (Not P)
M: S P _ (Not H)
N: F _ _ (Not P)

Finally, we know that M and N have nothing in common.
L: _ _ _ (Not P)
M: S P _ (Not H/F)
N: F _ _ (Not P/S)

So, the max number of items that both M and N could buy is 2 each.

L: _ _ _ (Not P)
M: S P (Not H/F)
N: F _ (Not P/S)

Tyler808 on July 3, 2022

Thank you so much Emil! That first rule was kind of confusing and felt they could've been more straight to the point in regards to any of the names can't eat all 4 foods.