Which one of the following CANNOT be true?

on July 11 at 05:00PM

How is the answer not B?

Does the first rule just disappear lol? That can't be true to have both L and Z. That's clearly an error by the test administrator.

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Emil on July 11 at 07:12PM

Hi Tyler808,

B is describing a scenario where:

F: L, R, Z

While there may be other valid scenarios, we can play out one scenario in which:

F: L, R, Z
G: M
H: P S

I don't see any issue with this scenario. The first rule tells us that F must have L, Z, or both. Here, F has both, which does not violate rule 1.

on July 12 at 05:18AM

Ohhh I totally read that wrong, I thought it said not both. Thank you Emil!