Which one of the following CANNOT be true?

Tyler808 on July 11, 2022

How is the answer not B?

Does the first rule just disappear lol? That can't be true to have both L and Z. That's clearly an error by the test administrator.

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Emil-Kunkin on July 11, 2022

Hi Tyler808,

B is describing a scenario where:

F: L, R, Z

While there may be other valid scenarios, we can play out one scenario in which:

F: L, R, Z
G: M
H: P S

I don't see any issue with this scenario. The first rule tells us that F must have L, Z, or both. Here, F has both, which does not violate rule 1.

Tyler808 on July 12, 2022

Ohhh I totally read that wrong, I thought it said not both. Thank you Emil!