Private industry is trying to attract skilled research scientists by offering them high salaries. As a result, most r...

on July 13, 2022

Was stuck between B and D

Why is B wrong? That would throw the argument apart if some of the government workers earn more than private sector, that means it may not be by a sense of public duty. All in all, these two answer choices makes the argument fall apart, what do you do when you are stuck between 2 answer choices like this?

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on July 13, 2022

Nevermind, I figured it out. When I examined D, this brings up an alternative reason why skilled research scientists continue to work for government jobs instead of private sector. It's not the motivation of public duty, the fact is they have fringe benefits which may be the reason why they continue to proceed with government jobs, thus throwing the argument out.

Emil on July 16, 2022

Hi Tyler,

Good catch! Alternative explanations for the conclusion or thing being explained are often a big part of necessary assumption questions, as well as weaken, strengthen, and flaw questions.